These are some of the previous projects that we have shot... More are being added all the time...

Video Runtime File Size Description
Family Treatment Fund
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6 minutes 14.7 Megs The Family Treatment Fund of Uganda: A practical solution to the AIDS crisis in Africa.

This is a short documentary that I filmed and edited in the field in Kampala and Mbarara, Uganda. The FTF is an organization that takes donations from the public and supplies much needed AIDS medication directly to the people who need it; there are no middle-men, and donations go straight to the field with minimal overhead.

New Brow: The Birth of Pop Surrealism
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5 minutes 40 Megs New Brow: The Birth of Pop Surrealism

This is a documentary in progress which is covering a new art movement, popularized by Juxtapoz magazine, Shag, and Robert Williams. The art isn't for the weak of heart, and hasn't been curated down to the lowest common denominator. Enjoy.

Unflinching Triumph: Behind The Scenes
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9 minutes streaming Unflinching Triumph is a mocumentary on which I filmed the Behind The Scenes mini-doc. It is a great project and hilarious as well. From the brain of Mark Decena at Kontent.

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